Welcome to the web page of the project “INDUSTRY 4.0 IN THE AGRIFOOD SECTOR AS A SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT LEVER FOR CASTILLA Y LEON” a project that Vitartis, the Association of the Food Industry of Castilla y León, carries out thanks to the financing of the Agricultural Technology Institute of Castilla y León (Itacyl) and the collaboration of the specialized consultant Human Tech.

Its objective is to promote the development of R & D & I initiatives and projects in the agri-food sector that contribute to sustainability in the region, based on industry 4.0 as a technological lever. We are seeking best practices, ideas, projects and solutions, of application in the whole value chain of the agrarian sector that allow us to be a sustainable and competitive region. Surely you can help us…


A sustainable legacy for Castilla y León!


Our focus is sustainability. And we believe there is a great opportunity in Industry 4.0 as a toolset to make our region a more sustainable one. A region that offers unique agri-food products, respecting and improving the environment and animal welfare; that uses precisely only the right and essential resources; that minimizes wastes and revalues ​​them with the collaboration and commitment of all; that invests in technology to be more competitive and generates quality jobs, ensuring the talent retention that will allow us to continue innovating and contributing with our creativity to face new challenges and the changes to come in the future.
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The project in three steps:


phases of the project

1. Situation analysis

A research about the situation of Industry 4.0 and Sustainability in the agri-food sector today, delving into the motivations to address this issue and recommendations to promote R + D + i initiatives and projects in the region.

2. Compilation of best practices

Search for best practices and ideas on projects to be launched based on interviews with experts and actors in the value chain

3. Valladolid Seminar ( 25th September, 2018)

A space for the dissemination of best practices, connection of supply with demand, sharing experiences and networking that allow us to define projects, initiatives and collaborations in the field of sustainability of the agri-food sector through industry 4.0 as a technological lever and industrialization.

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Towards the SUSTAINABILITY IN THE AGRI-FOOD INDUSTRY through Technology 4.0, Valladolid 25th of September 2018

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countryside enviroment
Rural development through technology

Industry 4.0 as an opportunity for rural development

It is important to note that Castilla y León suffers year by year a decline in the population in rural areas. The only alternative that promises sustainability in the long term is the industrialization of the countryside and the agri-food industry, increasing its competitiveness and thus becoming an environment for creating jobs and attracting people.

It is to be hoped that with I4.0, companies will acquire a greater capacity to recognize themselves as part of the ecosystem to which they belong and tackle sustainable development with responsibility.

The agri-food sector, for its part, maintains a unique relationship with the environment, on which it depends to have high-quality supplies with which to produce food that enjoys recognition in the markets.

The environmental impacts of greater magnitude are produced “upstream” and “downstream” of the production stage, so it is necessary to create shared value among the components of the agrifood chain by establishing collaborations for innovation.

Sustainable development is a journey, a way to achieve the objective that is Sustainability, and affects practically all the activities that the human being develops.


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