The Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development, Rodrigo Sanchez, said that the future of Andalusian irrigation is in the use of reclaimed and desalinated water and that it is necessary to invest more in hydraulic infrastructure to deal with the water deficit.

At an informative meeting on the agrifood sector organized by the newspaper Sur, he stressed the need to address the lack of water suffered by irrigation in Andalusia in general and Malaga in particular, where subtropical crops are already being affected.

“Ensuring water sustainability and promoting its growth should be a commitment of all administrations and the entire sector,” explained Sanchez.

According to the counselor, the 66 million euros that the Board allocated in 2017 to the sector are allowing the application of modernization, efficiency and energy saving policies, as well as the commitment to the use of regenerated and desalinated waters, where it considers that “there is future”.

“We plan to draw up a new call for irrigation with more than 43 million euros with which we want to support and support the use of this type of water financing tertiary treatment facilities,” he said.

He explained that European subtropical consumption grows at a rate of 15 percent per year, which is why the Andalusian Government is studying new lines of cultivation of these products with lower water consumption, which would benefit provinces such as Malaga.

He also stated that the development of irrigation in this province depends on hydraulic infrastructures that are mostly the responsibility of the national government, such as the re-growth of the La Concepción dam, the transfer of the Iznájar reservoir or the desalination plant in the the Axarquía.

Via | Agrodiario