Ecoembes reinforces its commitment to 4.0 technology, following the signing with the Mancomunidad de la Ribera Alta of Navarra of an agreement to implement this type of process control systems in the packaging treatment plant of Peralta (Navarra). The ‘Plant 4.0’ project aims to start the path towards industry 4.0, optimizing the processes of selection and treatment of packaging for subsequent recycling, using sensors, RFID, Internet of Things (IoT) and other digital tools, which facilitate control , monitoring and management of plants. “This collaboration agreement highlights our willingness to optimize recycling processes in all parts of Spain,” acknowledged the technical and innovation director of Ecoembes, Rosa Trigo, adding that her main objective is to promote innovation, putting it at service of the environment.

Ecoembes: “This collaboration agreement highlights our desire to optimize recycling processes in all parts of Spain”

On the other hand, the president of the Ribera Alta Mancomunidad, Carlos de Miguel, has indicated that “the proposal that Ecoembes made us to collaborate in this project, for us, more than an obligation, constitutes an opportunity; opportunity for improvement, research, growth and conversion in a reference plant, not only in Navarre, but also in the national sphere “. The ‘Planta 4.0’ program has become one of the most relevant projects in the field of circular economy of Ecoembes. Led by TheCircularLab, an innovation center located in Logroño, it seeks to turn the Navarre plant in Peralta into an example of digital transformation. From the beginning, the researchers focused on developing the necessary technologies to achieve the collection of daily activity data in order to increase the quality and efficiency of packaging treatment plants. This is achieved through the information that is collected from the activity in the selection process based on the record of the number of stops the line had, the location of the reasons for the breakdowns / jams, among other measures. Via | InfoRetail magazine.