Knowing the interest and needs of the citrus sector in China and assessing possible actions to promote this sector in this market has been the objective of the meeting convened by IVACE International, the General Directorate of Rural Development and Common Agricultural Policy of the Ministry of Agriculture. Agriculture, Environment, Climate Change and Rural Development, and ICEX Spain Exports and Investments held this morning (5-7-2018)

The Director General of Internationalization, María Dolores Parra, explained that this meeting is the result of the commitment made by the Ministry of Sustainable Economy during the institutional trip to China last April. “After knowing the great potential of the market we believe that our citrus companies have much to gain in the Chinese market and therefore administrations must act in collaboration to achieve the best results,” he said.

“Hence the celebration of the day today in which we have analyzed the presence of our companies in the Chinese market and we have known the concerns of the companies and sector associations to continue gaining market share,” he added.

Parra has been very satisfied by the great reception of the day, in which the responsible of the Citrus Management Committee, the Federation of Agrifood Cooperatives of the CV, the Citrus Valencian PGI, FEDACOVA and ASOCIEX have participated. In addition, 28 managers of 21 citrus producers and marketers have been presently in possession of the necessary approvals and registrations to be able to market their products in this market.

During the meeting, the import data of citrus fruits in China and the presence of citrus fruits from the Region of Valencia were analyzed. Currently Spain is in sixth place with 3.6% of the total behind countries such as Australia, the United States and South Africa.

The Comunitat Valenciana have gradually expanded the value of exports to this market from 1.04 million euros in 2014 to 13’97 million euros in 2017 and 16’89 million euros in the first four months of 2018 .

“Despite the evolution – Parra said – we are very far from the real opportunities we have in this market. China ranks 17th among citrus export destination countries, with a 26% growth in 2017. It also highlights the fact that in the 2017-2018 season nearly 60% of the Spanish stores registered are from the Valencian Community “.

Among the opportunities, there is an increase in the demand for imported products and an increase in purchasing power together with a decrease in local production. In addition, imported fruit is considered to be of higher quality.

“There is a limited number of countries authorized to export to China and we must take advantage of it. In addition, it is possible that the tariff increase to the United States, which is currently the second provider, “said Maria Dolores Parra.

From the DG of Rural Development and PAC has taken advantage of the meeting to explain the participation of the Ministry of agriculture in the own stands grouped to those who attend the main international fairs of the horticultural sector.

For its part, the territorial director of Commerce and ICEX Valencia, Cristina Martinez, has explained the actions contemplated by ICEX among which the inverse missions stand out with the aim of showing the Chinese importer the quality of the Region as a producing region and to strengthen relations. In addition, an online promotion campaign is planned for 2019 and promotion campaigns in emerging cities taking advantage of peaks of greater demand.

Via | IVACE.