The project of the geographer of the University of La Laguna, María Víctoria Marzol, through which it has managed to supply drinking water to rural populations of Morocco through the collection of fog water, has received the recognition of the Suez Foundation and of the Institute of France.

María Victoria Marzol has been collaborating since 2002 with the NGO Dar Si Hmad in the aforementioned project, which is one of the thirteen initiatives around the world that have been awarded the Momentum for Change award, convened by the United Nations Framework Convention for climate change.

The University of La Laguna has indicated in a statement that the professor of Physical Geography María Victoria Marzol has now received recognition from the Suez Foundation and the Institute of France.

In the statement, María Victoria Marzol appreciates this award, especially because it has an economic compensation “that will come very well” for the continuity of the project, which will also receive financial aid for the Moroccan Hassan II Pour L’Environnement award.

The fog capture project has consisted of the design and installation of what is, at the moment, the largest system of fog water collection that is working in the world, explains the University of La Laguna.

The water is obtained from the clouds that the trade winds carry to the Boutmezgida mountain, which is about 1,225 meters above sea level and about thirty kilometers from the Atlantic coast, and is moved by seven kilometers of canalization to rural Agni populations Zekri, Tamerout and Agni Ihya.

Thanks to this project, the organization provides drinking water to more than 400 people in five villages, most of them women and children.

Thanks to this device, women freed from the task of searching for water save three and a half hours a day, which has begun to devote that time to training in other subjects, which has removed the social organization of the area and has allowed them to opt for greater professional and personal development.

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Image | Jeanne Menjoulet