In the Seminar on September 25 to take place in Valladolid, “Towards sustainability in the agri-food sector through I4.0 technologies”, we want to address the role and positioning of SUSTAINABILITY in the strategic thinking of the companies in our sector. Undoubtedly, for a large part of the business community, the daily struggle to be more competitive has a difficult partnership with sustainability, especially when this is reflected and interpreted from the demands of environmental regulation or social responsibility, without the related actions and required procedures, at least apparently, adding value to our products. But sustainability, viewed as such, merely as a hygienic factor, will not solve the threats to the future of our planet, reflected in the figures and forecasts that come to us every day from different sources and areas of knowledge, and that require our action.

It seems more interesting, as so many companies are demonstrating, to incorporate sustainability as a part of their own philosophy, which is translated into specific strategic actions, into their business culture and becomes a sign of their identity. Thus understood, sustainability means having a long-term strategic vision, focusing on reducing waste, reducing lost time, eliminating sources of errors, looking for more efficient and effective technologies, managing resources efficiently, learning how to continue improving and finally, with good doses of creativity from cooperators, also generate knowledge to innovate. All this, to remain competitive. And the first step to join this philosophy is to see our companies as part of the ecosystem and the competitive environment in which we are immersed, to understand them and care about them, because after our company, we also depend on these being sustainable and improving. It is simply an invitation to participate in what belongs to all of us.

We want to give a good account of the above throughout the Seminar, through the different presentations and the working groups that we are preparing in order to boost cooperation for collaborative projects taking advantage of the new opportunities and efficiencies provided by the I4.0 technologies to face the sustainability challenges of our companies.

We hope to see you at the Seminar

Rafa Zaballa