We are already in the final stretch towards the Seminar where we will have a round table that incorporates an exceptional panel, more than fifteen (15) presentations that will show the latest technology applied to the agri-food sector with direct benefits for sustainability, collaborative work tables which will address the implementation of projects, and a very good number of companies attending a constructive networking. Registration is still open and we encourage you to participate in the event.

Throughout this project, in which we have carried out around two hundred (200) interviews with companies in the agri-food value chain competitive environment, the difficulty for companies to incorporate the actions they carry out in sustainability to their products’ value proposal has frequently arisen. Very often we have heard: “We do many things, but they are not well known”. A study by the marketing specialist Nielsen indicates that consumer brands that demonstrate commitment to sustainability outperform those that do not, attracting talent, investors, recognition by their communities and, above all, consumers. Likewise, 66% of consumers declare that they are willing to pay more for sustainable brands, and this trend is growing.

In 1972, Al Ries and Jack Trout introduced the concept of positioning as a key issue in the strategic marketing approach. Publicity, for many years, has worked on placing labels (slogans) on products that provide them with meaning for differentiation and categorization. The enormous cost and physical limitation provided by the advertising media (advertisements in the press, static advertising and television) were factors that facilitated the development of the tactic of the slogan. Reporting on the characteristics of the products and what the company did and represented was limited by phrases such as: “Coca Cola, the spark of life”, which did not cease to be a successful strategy in that context. However, today digital media provide channels and formats that allow us to position ourselves in the markets really according to what we do and we want to say that we do well, which is really what it is all about. They allow us to communicate our value proposal more broadly, precisely and above all, as a continuous process of dialogue with the customer in constant evolution. A dialogue, more than an action of communication.

The connected company has the ability to take advantage of all its actions distributing useful information to all activities and spaces of the company, from suppliers to customers and back. We want this Seminar to be a space for serious thought and to provide ideas to tackle common problems with today’s tools for a better future for all.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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[ii] RIES Al, TROUT Jack (1972) “The Positioning Era Cometh” Advertising Age Crain Publications

Rafa Zaballa