In the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform, new protein chips have been introduced under the ¡Yappah! Brand, which have been made with ingredients recovered as vegetables that do not meet market standards and chicken breast cuttings. They are advertised as a rich appetizer presented in four flavors that helps reduce food waste.

The newly created company Yappah! has launched to the market protein chips designed to inspire consumers to face one of the biggest global challenges, the food waste. It is about chips that are made with recovered ingredients, that is, foods that are not marketed because they do not meet market standards, because they are non-tradable remains from the production of other products, etc.

The chips are presented with the brand Yappah! and they are made with recycled remains of chicken breast, different recovered vegetables such as carrots and celery, and grain like malted barley from brewing. To this innovation adds another, the chips are presented in cans similar to cans of beverages, the company says that they are made of aluminum and are 100% recyclable, being the best alternative to other containers such as, for example, plastic bags .

The company works with ingredients from large food companies such as Tyson Foods, the second largest meat processor and marketer in the United States, responsible for providing the remains of recovered chicken breast. He also works with Molson Coors, a multinational brewer that provides malted barley. Ensures that all the ingredients used are safe and suitable for consumption, being an original way to recover them, offering consumers a snack rich in four different flavors with which they contribute to combat food waste.

Yappah! It is a name inspired by a tradition of the Andes, ‘yapa’ refers to a small detail that a merchant has with his client so that nothing is wasted. This is the concept that inspired the creators of the snack, a group formed by a chef with a Michelin star, experts in marketing and innovation, food technology, creativity, etc. Of course, we can ask why they are supplied by large companies such as Tyson Foods, apparently the chips were actually created by Tyson Innovation Lab, a division focused on food innovation and the launch of new products to the market, always under the premise to create the best foods and reduce food waste.

In just six months, the previously appointed team working for Tyson Innovation Lab, conceived the idea, developed it and presented it, that is, 80% faster than the traditional approaches used to conceive new products, being also the first market chips that unite chicken and vegetables. In short, behind this product are two large food companies that have partnered to create the company Yappah !, but instead of launching the product directly to the market, they have launched a campaign on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, requesting $ 4,500 for the start-up of the manufacture and distribution of the chips, which is surprising knowing who is behind the new snack.

Chicken and vegetable chips

It can be said that the new snack is guaranteed to reach the market, since with 22 days to go until the end of the campaign, almost the required amount has been collected, as well as being a flexible economic goal and knowing who is behind the snack , its imminent commercialization is evident. With a contribution of 16 dollars (about 13.5 euros) a pack of six cans of Yappah is received! about 35 grams, choosing a unique flavor. At the moment it will only be distributed in the United States and will begin to be commercialized in the month of July.

The idea seems interesting to us, but we’ll see if these new snacks arrive in Europe, although if they are not from this manufacturer, there will surely be another that starts a project of production and marketing of a similar product. You can know all the details of the protein chips Yappah! through the Indiegogo page or through the official website of the company.

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