Less than a week after the Junta de Andalucía took out its chest, assuring that it has at this time less risk of suffering the effects of rural depopulation, the vice president of the Board and counselor of the Presidency, Local Administration and Democratic Memory, Manuel Jiménez Barrios, has ratified this idea but has advanced that the Andalusian Government will develop its own strategy against the demographic challenge, based on the national strategy, and that will encourage attention to this problem to be incorporated as a transversal element in the programs of the government.

In his speech before the parliamentary committee of the Presidency, Jiménez Barrios stressed that the Board is committed to the municipalities that struggle to maintain their population weight. Thus, he pointed out the size of the situation by indicating that, in the last century, half of the Andalusian municipalities have lost population. Specifically, 134,341 inhabitants have been lost in the period 2000-2016.

Despite these data, the vice president explained that the vegetative balance in Andalusia, together with the fact that no municipality has disappeared and the strong development of agriculture in some areas of the community, have contributed to the exclusion of Andalusia, So far, the debate on the problems of depopulation in Spain.

As indicated, the set of transversal policies deployed by the Board to promote quality of life and to stimulate economic activity in rural areas, have allowed the community not to have the serious problem of depopulation that exists in other areas of Spain. And, in the same line, has indicated that the Andalusian Government will continue to focus on its public policies in rural areas.

In fact, he pointed out that, in the area of ​​the policies of the Ministry of Agriculture, in the current community period (2014-2020), more than 2,700 development projects worth 72 million euros have been submitted. As explained, are initiatives aimed at the adaptation and provision of infrastructure and services, the development of business activities that generate employment, enhance the employability of young people, improve the competitiveness of small and medium enterprises and the conservation and promotion of the rural heritage.

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