The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development of Andalusia defines innovation as a “fundamental issue” to gain competitiveness and sustainability, develop new products better adapted to consumers and conquer new markets, especially from abroad. This has been highlighted by the general director of Industries and Agrifood Chain, Rosa Ríos, during the opening of the conference on ‘The role of Operative Groups in rural innovation’, promoted at the University of Cordoba by the Campus of International Agri-Food Excellence, CeiA3. The bet of the Andalusian Government, for that reason, “is firm”, has sentenced.

Rosa Ríos has put in value, in this sense, the contribution of the Strategic Plan for the Agroindustry of Andalusia. Horizon 2020, which counts, precisely, with innovation in products and processes and the transfer of knowledge as one of its nine strategic lines. The Andalusian Rural Development Program (PDR) 2014-2020 also includes “another example of our commitment” through the “decided” impulse to the Operational Groups of Innovation. These have already disposed of 10.8 million euros and, “in view of its great acceptance and high demand”, as announced, will access in 2018 to a new call endowed with another 16 million euros.

The general director has delved into the opportunity of an initiative “that has already shown enough evidence of effectiveness in the goal of transferring research to our agri-food industry”, by favoring cooperation and synergies among the agents of the sector, knowledge and the technology. This umbrella has already materialized, in fact, in a total of 52 projects of operation of groups, of which 17 are related to the olive grove, to address from the fertilization with ashes of biomass and organic byproducts of almazara and entamado until the creation of a sustainable irrigation model through the use of reclaimed water. Another eight are linked to waste management, another five associated with innovative strategies and new techniques in plant health or the seven aimed at efficiency in management and sustainability, without forgetting, in terms of animal health, the implementation of new measures and techniques for the control of bovine tuberculosis.

New order of aid

The support “will not end there.” As stressed Rosa Ríos, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development will give another “twist” with the new aid order. “We will emphasize aspects of special relevance to achieve a sector of the future, leading the digital era from the use of the enormous potential of new technologies,” he announced. For this purpose, the new call will be addressed in aspects such as the development of mobile applications, the use of satellites and drones for precision agriculture, the improvement in traceability or the incorporation of artificial intelligence in farms and industries.

The objective, in short, from the perspective of the general director of Industries and Agri-Food Chain, is to promote the sector from a “global perspective”, focused, has continued, on innovation “to generate more added value from the discovery of new formulas. ” It is about, Rosa Ríos has finished, of raising “our clearest sign of identity, excellence”.

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