In the framework of the project “INDUSTRY 4.0 IN THE AGRIFOOD SECTOR AS A LEVER OF SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT IN CASTILLA Y LEÓN”, which Vitartis has launched thanks to the support and funding of the Agricultural Technology Institute of Castilla y León (Itacyl), we are moving towards celebration of the Seminar, convened for September 25 in Valladolid, which will be entitled “Towards SUSTAINABILITY IN THE AGRICULTURAL SECTOR through Technology 4.0”. A meeting on sustainability that will allow us to share ideas and get to know in depth the opportunities that technology 4.0 opens for us to make new approaches and provide sustainability solutions, a question of enormous importance and of special interest for our region. From the Web, we want to encourage participation and dissemination, to make this first seminar the seed of a profound change in the way of understanding the relationships between agriculture, industry, technology, the environment and people.

We face the Seminar with enthusiasm, proposing three (3) fundamental objectives:

  1. Create a meeting space to talk about sustainability from the agri-food sector for its importance and need, focusing on the role of companies.
  2. Present a broad spectrum of 4.0 technologies (Industry 4.0, Smart Agro, Smart Rural) at the service of the agri-food sector as tools for sustainability.
  3. Advance in the definition of collaborative projects and initiatives by connecting people, companies and institutions.

We have made a long and interesting journey in the project. We started with a situation analysis that gave us light on the subject and the key aspects to consider. We have contacted and offered the participation in the project to more than two hundred companies and institutions in the regional, national and of course European environment: agrarian and technological companies, technological and research centers, development agencies and digital innovation hubs (Digital Innovation Hubs ) whose good reception and interest for the project we greatly appreciate. This has allowed us to have a good idea of ​​who the actors are, both at the level of organizations and people who are dedicating time and effort to this topic. Directly, in most cases, they have provided us with best practices, ideas about projects, recommendations and trends of great interest. We want to share all of this with you in the seminar, as a point and followed to get to know each other better and take the path towards an agro-food for our most sustainable region in its three (3) aspects: economic, social and environmental.

To do this, we will gather the best group of experts who will explain clearly and closely, why and in what resides the importance of sustainability, the challenges we face and the barriers we must overcome to integrate it into our companies and their Value chains. You will also be able to know directly, through the professionals of the most advanced companies of 4.0 technologies, their solutions for the agri-food market from a sustainability perspective, both at company level and the ecosystem in which they are integrated, and we can share our concerns and needs with them through presentations, workshops and networking spaces.

We are working on the agenda, which we will send you shortly, and we invite you to stay connected to this Newsletter. Remember to include September 25, 2018 in Valladolid in your agenda. The Seminar will take place in the conference room of Itacyl km 119, Av. Burgos, 47071 (Valladolid).

Thank you very much!