How will the packaging of the future be? Among the lines of work that are being carried out we can mention the use of edible containers in sports drinks, the replacement of plastic rings that incorporate the packs of beverage cans with adhesives, the use of plastics from renewable sources (such as potato starch or corn) to manufacture packaging, compostable packaging and, of course, the recycling of all of them.

Anyway, they all have a common denominator: the minimization of the impact on the environment and, also, we add, the need to continue ensuring food safety. The function of the container in this sense is crucial and has to do with the protection of food against possible contamination, information to the consumer through labeling and traceability, the lengthening of the life of the product – thereby reducing waste alimentary-, the adaptation to the formats of consumption and transport to avoid its deterioration.

A challenge in which we work intensely from TheCircularLab, an initiative of Ecoembes, which has just launched the Observatory of Packaging of the Future since we can follow the evolution of packaging to continue enjoying food with all the sanitary and environmental guarantees.